Bar-headed Goose: March 15th 2003, Han-Imjin

Photo © Lee Ki-Sup

Dr. Lee Ki-Sup, one of Korea’s leading ornithologists (and a finder of numerous significant records) has sent the following information on a Bar-headed Goose Anser indicus that he found at the Han-Imjin river.

First seen on 15th March, this Bar-headed Goose, considered to be a first for Korea, stayed until the 29th.
It appeared to be staying close to a large flock of Swan Geese also present, flying with them when the flock flew up. The Bar-headed Goose also showed an interesting feeding strategy: Swan Goose dig into the mud on the Han-Imjin for tubers of Sedges, and the Bar-headed Goose was seen following closely behind feeding Swan Geese picking up discarded root parts.

Swan Goose. Photo © Lee Ki-Sup

The large areas of mudflat where the Bar-headed Goose was found, as stated, hosted large numbers of Swan Geese in March, and Dr LEE has also sent Birds Korea information that an estimated 1000 were present until late March, decreasing to about 500 in early April, with 100 still on the marsh and riverside near the observatory at Mount Odusan.

White-naped Cranes also present were counted: 370 on 16th March, 200 on 27th March, and 70 on 5th April.

Many thanks to Dr. Lee Ki-sup for providing Birds Korea with details of this interesting record.

White-naped Cranes and Swan Geese. Photo © Lee Ki-Sup