Arundel Wetland Centre (Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust), West Sussex

WWT Arundel Wetland Centre is one of nine wetland centres run by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), an international wetland conservation charity in the UK.

The site receives around 78,000 visitors a year and is managed for both captive collection and wild native birds.

The site has 26 hectares including ponds, lakes and reedbed. Level access is provided to all areas. The visitor centre has a restaurant and shop, a large viewing gallery, free wheelchair loan and free parking.

Since 2004, Arundel has offered free school visits with the aim of encouraging schools to include outdoor learning. In 2004 4,000 school children visited the site and took part in learning sessions with our centre Education Assistants. Schools programmes are tailored to the English National Curriculum and differentiated by age and ability. They contain a mix of both indoor and outdoor learning with plenty of hands-on and interactive participation.

Photo 1-2: Entrance sign and car-park.

Photo 1, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 2, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 3-4: Approach to the entrance. Note that the centre is low-profile and is largely screened by plantings.

Photo 3, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 4, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 5-9: The visitor centre itself - Photos 5 and 6 entrance, Photo 7 shop, Photos 8 and 9 restaurant area, with views of the lake, and transit through to the outdoor area.

Photo 5, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 6, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 7, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 8, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 9, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 10: Front of the restaurant area showing proximity of lake (and birds).

Photo 10, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 11: Outdoor lakeside dining terrace

Photo 11, © Martin Sutherland