This set of images shows some of the infrastructure at this estuarine reserve: important for breeding and migrant wetland species. Winter shorebird roosts here can be impressive.

Photo 1: A part of the Oare Marshes reserve.

Photo 1, © Martin Sutherland

Photos 2-5 show information boards which are very good at this site. The information on photo 40 includes recent sightings of particular interest. Note that top left in the right-hand panel is a sheet showing main sponsors of the reserve (also as photo 43). This includes both governmental and non-governmental conservation bodies. Photo 41 and photo 42 are to assist the less experienced in bird identification.

Photo 2, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 3, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 4, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 5, © Martin Sutherland

Photos 6-9 show one of the reserve hides. Spacious, raised on a mound to enable optimum viewing and, as far as birds are concerned, with concealed approaches. It should also be noted that the two main hides are both north-facing which ensures excellent lighting on the birds at most times.

Photo 6, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 7, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 8, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 9, © Martin Sutherland

Photos 10-11 show islands. These are used both by breeding and roosting birds.

Photo 10, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 11, © Martin Sutherland

Photo 12 shows the small car-park. There is no visitor centre or toilet facilities at this reserve.

Photo 12, © Martin Sutherland