The midstream of the Yeongsan River
영산강 중류

Number# in 99-04 PDFName KoreanName English
201086영산강 중류The midstream of the Yeongsan River
201198영산강 중류 (몽탄대교-승촌보)The midstream of the Yeongsan River
201298영산강 중류 (몽탄대교-승촌보)Middle Yeongsan River
201398영산강 중류 (몽탄대교-승촌보)Middle Yeongsan River
201498영산강 중류 (몽탄대교 - 승촌보)Middle Yeongsan River
Delineation Maps

Counting data 2010 - 2014

Common Pheasant114
Tundra Bean Goose109134
Greater White-fronted Goose11
Tundra Swan31
Whooper Swan194122
Falcated Duck58427413144200
Eurasian Wigeon70684869795
Eastern Spot-billed Duck33728708388341
Northern Shoveler161964
Northern Pintail23119
Baikal Teal56
Eurasian Teal605178491904337
Common Pochard2
Tufted Duck1382
Common Merganser3845433719
Little Grebe1612111
Great Crested Grebe1113
Grey Heron5430211125
Western Great Egret218113
Eastern Great Egret222218101
Little Egret3111
Great Cormorant32
White-tailed Eagle1
Eastern Buzzard13612
Common Kestrel13712
Peregrine Falcon1
Eurasian Coot214282639077
Northern Lapwing2
Green Sandpiper2
Wood Sandpiper1
Common Sandpiper1
Black-headed Gull42
Common Gull1
Vega Gull8221331
Caspian Gull2
Oriental Turtle Dove108211579
Bull-headed Shrike1115
Brown Shrike1
Chinese Grey Shrike1
Eurasian Jay223
Azure-winged Magpie9
Eurasian Magpie413167542
Marsh Tit4
Brown-eared Bulbul3956
Vinous-throated Parrotbill4735
White-cheeked Starling24
Dusky Thrush2215
Daurian Redstart1
Eurasian Tree Sparrow785
White Wagtail21
Olive-backed Pipit232
Grey-capped Greenfinch2035
Meadow Bunting4
Yellow-throated Bunting721