The seaside of Iwon-myeon, Taean
태안군 이원면 해안

Number# in 99-04 PDFName KoreanName English
201035태안군 이원면 해안The seaside of Yiwon-myeon, Taean
201143태안군 이원면 해안The seaside of Yiwon-myeon, Taean
201243태안군 이원면 해안Iwon-myeon Coast, Taean
201343태안군 이원면 해안Iwon-myeon Coast, Taean
201443태안군 이원면 해안Iwon-myeon Coast, Taean
Delineation Maps

Counting data 2010 - 2014

Common Pheasant12
Tundra Bean Goose46328682009447
Greater White-fronted Goose87527460153
Whooper Swan231219
Eurasian Wigeon182
Eastern Spot-billed Duck208157732354
Eurasian Teal4213
Common Pochard387
Tufted Duck6
Common Goldeneye37811719
Common Merganser30
Red-breasted Merganser29111035
Great Crested Grebe163
Black-necked Grebe28
Eurasian Bittern1
Grey Heron151347
Eastern Great Egret8323
Little Egret3
Temminck's Cormorant233
White-tailed Eagle2
Eurasian Sparrowhawk1
Eastern Buzzard1311
Common Kestrel11
Eurasian Coot82431161
Black-headed Gull24
Black-tailed Gull45166047
Vega Gull12463724211
Oriental Turtle Dove297427230
Eurasian Hoopoe1
Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker112
White-backed Woodpecker1
Grey-headed Woodpecker1
Bull-headed Shrike1232
Eurasian Jay31
Eurasian Magpie1414312651
Carrion Crow6
Marsh Tit26
Varied Tit327
Coal Tit339
Eastern Great Tit102189
Brown-eared Bulbul3151814
Long-tailed Tit8
Vinous-throated Parrotbill47212836
Eurasian Nuthatch22
Naumann's Thrush135
Daurian Redstart2341
Blue Rock Thrush2
Eurasian Tree Sparrow32351377
White Wagtail351
Grey-capped Greenfinch512148
Rustic Bunting718
Yellow-throated Bunting2011
Pallas's Reed Bunting23