The upper Stream of Geum River
금강 상류

Number# in 99-04 PDFName KoreanName English
200849금강상류The Upper Stream of Geum River
200949금강상류The Upper Stream of Geum River
201048금강 상류The Upper Stream of Geum River
201156금강 상류The upper Stream of Geum River
201256금강 상류Upper Geum River
201356금강 상류Upper Geum River
201456금강 상류Upper Geum River
Delineation Maps

Counting data 2008 - 2014

Common Pheasant654139
Taiga Bean Goose1150
Tundra Bean Goose11532035115
Greater White-fronted Goose25420707515
Whooper Swan14
Common Shelduck2
Ruddy Shelduck557125270832
Mandarin Duck75334
Eurasian Wigeon226
Eastern Spot-billed Duck1706709740562624350564
Northern Shoveler413337
Northern Pintail517713324
Eurasian Teal2642473125195142187
Common Pochard761122
Tufted Duck922312529
Common Goldeneye7
Common Merganser51185912393114199
Little Grebe69131225
Great Crested Grebe2
Grey Heron6102231362136
Western Great Egret221151812
Eastern Great Egret2031533
Little Egret23430310
White-tailed Eagle11131
Steller's Sea Eagle1
Eurasian Sparrowhawk12
Northern Goshawk2
Eastern Buzzard122123
Common Kestrel2231222
Eurasian Coot3
Long-billed Plover411
Green Sandpiper26522
Common Sandpiper12323
Vega Gull5338214324
Oriental Turtle Dove21452485916326
Short-eared Owl1
Bull-headed Shrike522511
Chinese Grey Shrike111
Azure-winged Magpie5513312
Eurasian Magpie34323346675654
Carrion Crow31419677
Marsh Tit573517
Varied Tit3
Eastern Great Tit21311162216
Brown-eared Bulbul211241837
Vinous-throated Parrotbill229613613978108106
Naumann's Thrush55592
Dusky Thrush11
Daurian Redstart9511812
Eurasian Tree Sparrow151119358214265248113
White Wagtail10684221
Japanese Wagtail27115
Olive-backed Pipit54
Buff-bellied Pipit513835253075
Grey-capped Greenfinch133237371318
Eurasian Siskin57
Long-tailed Rosefinch2
Meadow Bunting245
Rustic Bunting7664910152090
Yellow-throated Bunting182557311
Black-faced Bunting14
Pallas's Reed Bunting5