Midstream of Geum River
금강 중류

Number# in 99-04 PDFName KoreanName English
201049금강 중류Midstream of Geum River
201157금강중류(황산대교-청벽대교)Midstream of Geum River
201257금강중류(황산대교-청벽대교)Middle Geum River
201357금강중류(황산대교-청벽대교)Middle Geum River
201457금강 중류 (황산대교 - 청벽대교)Middle Geum River
Delineation Maps

Counting data 2010 - 2014

Common Pheasant3
Taiga Bean Goose35
Tundra Bean Goose616
Greater White-fronted Goose976
Common Shelduck21015
Ruddy Shelduck494536
Mandarin Duck1038
Falcated Duck91
Eurasian Wigeon886462912
Eastern Spot-billed Duck41981754119021132666
Northern Shoveler240
Northern Pintail30833
Eurasian Teal352331232656
Common Pochard5
Common Merganser51846319670704
Little Grebe742
Great Crested Grebe11
Grey Heron1951336
Western Great Egret2251
Eastern Great Egret4220
Little Egret61
Northern Harrier1
Eurasian Sparrowhawk1
Eastern Buzzard25234
Upland Buzzard1
Rough-legged Buzzard1
Common Kestrel4532
Eurasian Coot71
Common Sandpiper1
Black-tailed Gull7
Common Gull23
Vega Gull192262
Slaty-backed Gull1
Oriental Turtle Dove349651191145
Bull-headed Shrike1111
Eurasian Jay1
Azure-winged Magpie226
Eurasian Magpie9960161912
Eastern Great Tit282
Brown-eared Bulbul34215
Long-tailed Tit2
Vinous-throated Parrotbill202014
Naumann's Thrush11
Daurian Redstart2222
Eurasian Tree Sparrow10540471
White Wagtail1
Buff-bellied Pipit21
Grey-capped Greenfinch36
Meadow Bunting89
Rustic Bunting121301287
Yellow-throated Bunting2775
Unidentified Geese 160
Unidentified Ducks100