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"Reclamation And Green Growth:
Saemangeum in images"

Professional photographer Professor Charles Page visited Saemangeum for four consecutive springs (2005-2008) with Birds Korea to document the conversion of East Asia's most important shorebird site into a wasteland.

To see the impacts of reclamation captured photographically at:


Saemangeum CD
October 2008

SSMP Report

SSMP Report

SSMP Report
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December 22 2008:
Report warns of shorebird extinctions

April 16 2008:
Shorebird staging-sites in short supply

November 23 2008:
FEATURE-S.Korea builds city from sea at
wetland's expense

October 26 2008:
South Korea land grab killing migratory birds

May 2007:

UK's RSPB slams Saemangeum Reclamation
in press-release

To co-incide with World Migratory Bird Day 2007 the world-renowned UK charity The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) - one of whose staff, Sarah Dawkins, has been working with Birds Korea on the Saemangeum Shorebird Monitoring Program - has just posted a press-release about the Saemangeum reclamation on their website entitled "Wildlife starves on emptied wetland".

Written in consultation with Birds Korea's Director Nial Moores, the press-release clearly stresses the disastrous effect that the reclamation has already had, and inclues the following quote from Sarah Dawkins:

"Estuaries should be fantastic places, full of the bustle of shorebirds feeding on shellfish and worms in the mud and sand. The wall has blocked the life-giving ebb and flow of the sea, boats are stranded waiting for a tide that will never come and the mudflats are strewn with mile upon mile of litter.

Saemangeum really was the jewel in the crown yet all around me the place is dying."

Saemangeum - Media Coverage in the UK

Media coverage of Saemangeum following the RSPB's press-release was been gratifyingly extensive.

In the UK alone the following online reports/articles were noted on Saturday 14th May:

The Independent:

The Times Online:

The Daily Telegraph website:

BBC Online:

Channel 4 News website:


Additional to the online reports, several Birds Korea/SSMP members and senior RSPB staff members also recorded live radio interviews:

  • Sarah Dawkins [RSPB/SSMP] recorded an overnight World Service programme

  • Mark Avery [RSPB] recorded World Service news bulletins

  • Nial Moores [Birds Korea/SSMP] spoke to BBC Five Live

  • Sarah Dawkins [RSPB/SSMP] and Andre Farrar [RSPB] spoke to Sky News Radio.

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  • Lighthouse Foundation: FASS - For a Sustainable Saemangeum

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